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Come to Class: The Wonderous Wild Weeds of Spring!

If you are someone who does lawn work or gardening this is especially a busy time

getting thing beautified outdoors. You may be one of those people who hates

weeding but loves the bounty of the garden. Well have I got a treat for you! 

Befriend those weeds and learn how, this Thursday night, April 25th, from 6pm -7:30 as I teach 

a class on "The Wonderous Wild Weeds of Spring".

Edible, Medical, Magical & Marvelous are these early plants that pop up in spring.

People take them for granted, walking right by them, or WORSE . . . pulling them up

spraying them with poison and cursing their existence.

But what if you knew just how AMAZINGLY special they really are? Would you see

them the same way or would you utilize their magic and charm???

Come meet a bouquet of spring's first responders - some old familiars and some

not so familiar, wild plants that have gotten a bad rap, but who may just become

your best friends, once you discover their super powers. You may think, those are

just WEEDS! . . .  I say. . . "You say "Weeds", like it's a bad thing!??"

This class is presented by me, Certified Clinical Herbalist Liz Giles of Health In

Essence LLC and is held at Simply Bulk Market from 6 - 7:30 pm this Thursday,

April 25th. Pre-registration is required, but drop ins may be welcome the day of if

class size allows. 

Cost of class is $10/person, children 12 -18 are welcome for $5/child.

Call 303-507-6334 to register or stop by Simply Bulk Market and ask for 

the sign upsheet. Simply Bulk Market is located at 418 Mains Street, Longmont, CO 80501



Fourth Thursdays Natural Health Educationals

Join me on the fourth Thursday of every month for 90 minute presentations  on various holistic health related topics.

These classes are sponsored by and located at  Simply Bulk Market at 418 Main Street in Longmont, CO. 

Time: 6pm - 7:30 pm Plan to arrive 15 minutes or so early as Heidi locks the doors at 6pm to give us uninterrupted learning time.

What to bring: Notepad, writing implements, a sweater in the winter if you tend to get chilly

Cost Varies depending on the class from $5 on up per person.

March Topic: Colds/Flus: How to prevent, handle and recover from them. We'll take about common sense lifestyle hacks, herbs, aromatherapy and nutrition pertinent to dealing with cold/flu. Handouts will be given. Cost is $10


Contact Liz Giles at 303-507-6334 or by email at

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